Industrial Vacuum Systems

Complete Engineered Solutions can design, build and maintain a vacuum system for your facility. Single point of use to integrated multi-system vacuums.

Choosing the ideal industrial vacuum system can be tricky; leverage our expertise at Complete Engineered Solutions to choose the best for your application. We offer a range of technologies and configurations to best suit your application and cost targets.

Customers have several technology options when looking for a single point of use vacuum pump. Technologies include rotary vane, liquid ring, claw, rotary screw, scroll and rotary lobe, including oil free options. Contact us today so we can assist in choosing the best technology for your application to provide the highest performance, reliability and energy savings.

Depending on the application connecting multiple units together in a central system can be more cost effective and reliable. We can incorporate existing pumps into a central system or start from scratch to design the optimum system.

We can also design and install industrial central vacuum systems for multiple types of industrial cleaning. Complete Engineered Solutions can provide reliable and cost effective industrial central vacuum systems, an all-in-one sanitary solution.

Vacuum Systems

  • Generation to the point of use
  • Vacuum pumps, tanks, piping, filters, instrumentation, tools
  • Design, build, maintain
  • Complete systems, components, parts, services, upgrades
  • Send us your design specifications or let us assist in creating them
  • Our engineers and technicians can help in the design of your system to optimize the layout to reduce installation costs and maximize maintenance access
  • Do you want to reduce your energy and labor costs? Traditional ways of collecting and discarding waste materials can be very expensive. Our team can customize one of the best central vacuum systems for your space at a cost-effective price of ownership with minimal maintenance. It can help you collect your waste and automatically discharge it into a container. You can place the central vacuum unit outside the room, away from the location of operation. Our vacuum systems are designed to operate rigorously 24x7. Let us help you reduce labor and energy costs, cut maintenance time, and minimize production downtime.


  • Simplex and Duplex Units
  • Oil-free and lubricated rotary vane
  • Oil-free rotary claw
  • Basic on/off to PLC touchscreen controls are available
  • Medical Vacuum Systems
  • WAGD Systems
  • Complete Engineered Solutions

    If you are looking for a high-capacity vacuum pump and one that offers a hassle-free operation, our point of use vacuum pumps are a perfect choice. Contact us today so we can assist in determining the optimum technology vacuum pump.


  • Multiple dust collectors and vacuum pumps
  • Central control systems
  • Instrumentation and remote monitoring
  • ​Rotary Screw Vacuum Systems
  • Complete Engineered Solutions

    Central vacuum systems offer the convenience of having all the equipment in one place instead of spread out around the facility. This can reduce noise and other operational issues by having the equipment away from the production area. Vacuum tubing can be easily routed to the point of use throughout the building.


  • Multiple pumps
  • PLC controls for sequencing and remote monitoring
  • Vacuum levels to 29" Hg
  • Large rotary screw systems
  • Complete Engineered Solutions

    Process vacuum systems typically have a deeper vacuum requirement and or potentially hazardous applications. From small to large and with multiple different technologies we can design the system that is reliable and cost effective. Units with multiple vacuum pumps keep your operations running even when a vacuum pump may have a failure. Today, clients from automotive parts handling, woodworking, food packaging, pharmaceutical, and paper printing, utilize our process utility vacuum for various applications.

    What are the Key Benefits of an Industrial Vacuum System

    Production material reuse

    Industrial vacuum systems may seem costly; however, they are popular for their longevity and utility. Over the years, it has become a must-have device for businesses. You can use these systems under tough conditions without fearing wearing out or breaking down. So downtime is significantly reduced. You can also save money by recovering waste products from which you can extract components into the production cycle.

    Immediate cleaning solution

    Dust or waste material collection is time-consuming work. With an Industrial Vacuum System, you can make this process an easy-to-do, quick job! It will help you save time, energy, and labor. Workers can get rid of back-breaking manual collection.

    Health and environmental benefits

    Industrial vacuum cleaners can help you trap toxic dust, debris, or fumes. Advanced filters and pumps can safely discard microbial contaminants or harmful dust. With fewer people to clean the floors, you'll be able to minimize the risk of dust exposure. There's no need to put workers at risk. Our industrial vacuum systems can maintain a healthier environment within your company/factory premises. A healthy and clean environment will result in better business growth.

    Whether you require a custom industrial vacuum system or want to purchase one of our advanced process vacuum units, we can help you by discussing your requirements. Contact our experts today to know more about our industrial vacuum solutions.