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Complete Engineered Solutions is a leading-edge provider of compressed air, nitrogen generation, vacuum systems, chillers, products, and services.

We guide your company in selecting the best technology and satisfying your particular onsite needs as a leading provider of air compressors, on site nitrogen generation, vacuum systems, and chillers.

We can help you:

1. Reduce operational costs

Our customers appreciate our guidance as we only recommend products and services that help them reduce their total operational cost. We optimize the balance of equipment purchase price with maintenance costs and operational costs to maximize customer benefit.

2. Get systems you can trust

Complete Engineered Solutions offers systems that work reliably and efficiently to give you peace of mind. In manufacturing and business, any downtime can cause a revenue loss. We help you tackle it! Equip your company with our reliable systems to support your operations!

3. Lower maintenance

Let us help you lower your maintenance costs, from optimizing schedule to sourcing parts to scheduling regular service internals to avoid the costly emergency repairs. We can lower cost while increasing reliability. Contact us today!

4. Sustainability

Improve sustainability and reduce your carbon footprint, we can help with both. We can specify and supply systems that do both, show us your application and we’ll work with you to find the optimal solution.


Your air compressors are more than a financial investment! As an established air compressor supply and repair company, we have successfully helped our clients with made-to-last, low-maintenance, and high-quality systems that can enhance their business processes. Complete Engineered Solutions is the most complete supplier for purchasing compressed air systems. Check out our unique selection of air compressors right now!


Vacuum pumps are critical for various manufacturing processes; from F&B to electronic industry and gas production, vacuum pumps play an integral role. Complete Engineered Solutions is a complete distributor of vacuum system equipment and solutions, offering high performance, low noise output, and minimal footprint vacuum systems. From off the shelf to custom, contact us today to provide a solution.


CES can help save nitrogen costs with an on site Nitrogen generator. Increased reliability, safety and consistent purity output. From 95% to 99.999%, we can supply the purity, volume and pressure needed. We have a range from off the shelf systems to custom designed skid mounted high purity and high pressure systems. Save money and recover your investment, in some cases as fast as 12 months! Contact us today to find out more.


Complete Engineered Solutions is the place for intelligent chiller systems. Do you have a temperature-sensitive industrial process? Get our standard-designed chiller systems developed using top-notch engineering. Or need something custom, we can provide that also. Our chiller systems offer ultra-efficiency, precise temperature control, and low noise output. Contact our experts to learn more!

Why choose Complete Engineered Solutions?

Complete Engineered Solutions provides a complete engineered solution to our customers needs, from providing simple maintenance parts to a complete turn key system. Our team members have decades of experience in offering the best solutions to companies in our area. Our solutions and systems can safeguard your manufacturing processes and make your production more energy-efficient.

We take responsibility

We are an independent business guided by industry-leading professionals. Since our foundation is solid, how we carry the business with our clients makes us stand apart. We are easy to work with yet strive to provide the best solution for our customers. Helping our clients meet their requirements is our mission! Contact us for prompt, trustworthy service.

Our values and vision

Our systems can withstand the test of time and thrive in the harshest environments! Apart from offering integrated, high-quality industrial solutions, we also provide systems with low energy consumption. We have a modern technological approach, yet we believe in a traditional way of doing business, with us a handshake still means something!

Our team is proud to retain a loyal and growing client base. Our expertise and integrity make engineers, OEMs, companies, and contractors rely on us. We offer quick service support. Get on a call with our qualified service technicians to know more.

We offer a wide variety
of services and equipment
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  • Local reliable service
  • Fast emergency response time 24/7/365
  • Single source for service, parts, equipment, rentals, control and monitoring systems, design, and turnkey installation​.